I started working as a technical support representative wherein I am one of the agents who are taking in calls and are providing a world class technical support for customers calling in for problems with their networking devices. Of course, the sooner you resolve the request, the better. I found out later on that its not always the fact. It would really depend on the complexity of the problem and the manner the problem is delivered.

Not all of us are very good at describing the problem, sometimes, I feel as if I am not explaining it right either. Good thing some technicians are good at analyzing what the problems are. It is also better if they would be able to suggest something or actually resolve the problem.

I have heard of a new support center called Supportrix. They are actually a group of technical support engineers who cater to different technical support concerns. They do have a website of the supported device and as far as I could tell, the fees that they have are minimal and competitive compared to other technical support. I have personally tried it (I got a free incident call) and was satisfied with the result. I got my device working and they even suggested a few things that i could do to maximize the benefits of my laptop ( I am particularly trained with one brand only when I was working as a tech support before, so my knowledge is quite limited when it comes to other brands).

Maybe you guys could try it, check out their website and know more about them.