It’s the time of the week that I am always waiting for. My rest days.

I get to have 2 days off a week and what I always do is to just stay in my bed, spend a few hours wondering if I should surf the net or watch some DVDs. I could also opt to play with my kittens or just stare at nothing the whole day. If for some reason I have money or enough energy to go out, I hang out at the mall or go to Las Pinas where my family is.

There are times when I don’t feel lazy. That is usually the time that I go to the office and render Work on Rest Day (WoRD). I earn extra and I get to render more for my grade. Good deal enough for me.

How do you deal with your rest days, Sherliez, Daiji, Aila, Ruthie, Al?



Patience is not one of my best assets. I mean, I have it, it works great when I deal with people, but when it comes to where I have to accomplish something for myself, I could say that it is kind of thin. Way back in college, if we have assignments and projects regarding programming, I really lose my patience. I get tired of thinking and I really find it hard to concentrate. Recently, I promised myself that I would try having more of what we call patience. I intend to learn things, accommodate more pleasing and positive thoughts that would make me feel motivated in accomplishing something. Stupid as it may sound, my programming skills are really rusty, considering that I never liked the subject, plus it has been more or less than 4 years since I graduated in college. I got interested in blogging, even though I knew that it would entail simple HTML codes. I signed up for paid advertising and I could not even install the PPP tool that they require. I know, I know. It really sounds pathetic.

Here is where I stand. My blog got approved, but I could not even get a simple code embedded on my page. I am now turning to my friends. HELP!!!

I got approved for!!!

I am so happy. This could be a start of a very good career. I could hone my writing and critical thinking skills. The vocabulary that I used would be used often so I am also expecting a big improvement. I am aware that when it comes to writing, I have very limited words to use so this is a very good opportunity to grab hold of.

I can’t wait to tell my ever supportive blogger friends (Ruthie, Sherliez, Aila, Daiji, Ella) for making me realize that blogging is indeed rewarding. Not only do I get to express what I feel without actually writing it using a pen, but also to grab hold of opportunities that is available through the Internet.

I am so happy. Period. 🙂 🙂 🙂

The whole QA family just moved to a bigger place!

From the old QA Room that we used, we are now on the new room, called the Synnex room. The old occupants moved to another building, thus giving the family more room to share amongst us. Previously, we were all like sardines and we always complain that it is hot (I am speaking truthfully, with approval of my other colleagues). We now have the option to decorate our stations accordingly and really own the place. 🙂

Another “new” at the office, we now have a new email address. It’s no longer, rather it is now Kind of crappy configuring the LDAP settings, but it sounds cooler than the previous domain. Probably, we would be getting our new IDs soon.

On another note, my nana was able to pass the Supportrix exam, making him one of the new account trainees. From what I’ve heard, it was some sort of a promotion when we talk about the technical know-how as well as the new salary. Imagine getting in-depth knowledge of everything about computers and networking, plus a good incentive. Even I am envious. 😦

Kidding aside, even with the changes I have mentioned, there is still one catch. I am still in trouble. We don’t have a lot to do, yet, I still have a lot of things to do. I admit that I am at fault, still, I know that I would be able to manage this. I just have to summon all I have and of course, have faith with my capabilities.

Good day!

Agent’s name was observed exhibiting behavior(s) on her call that is considered “Non-Negotiable” on February 22, 2008. Tech was giving the instructions on how to go to System Info but the customer was not able to follow. Call ended abruptly and call released tool was able to reflect the VLS details for the said call

Note: the delivery of these reports is carried out according to QA department’s generic IR process (refer to eQMS).

Attachments contain the call evaluation, IR form and recording for your perusal.



QA Specialist – QA Department

Company Name

Company Address

Orchard Rd. Eastwood City Cyberpark,

188 E. Rodríguez Jr. Avenue, Bagumbayan,

Quezon City 1110


This e-mail may contain confidential and privileged material for the sole use of the intended recipient. Any review, use, distribution or disclosure by others is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient (or authorized to receive for the recipient), please contact the sender by reply e-mail and delete all copies of this message.

This is just one of the few Incident Reports that I previously sent. My job is to monitor the agent’s calls and make sure that they behave. Unfortunately, some agent’s fail to follow the proper job etiquette, thus an Incident Report which we normally refer to as Non – Negotiable Offense. This would go to the agent’s 201 file, a permanent mark on the agent’s company record. I feel bad for the agent, however, this is a punishment that should prevent them from doing the deed all over again

As per Al, a lot of chain letters are roaming around. Not just on our individual email accounts but also through bulletin boards. Here is one example:

Date: Monday, 3 March, 2008 8:46 PM
Subject: Dubai Job Hiring
Message: Job hiring sa Dubai and because you
opened it, now you have to repost
this saying. Job Hiring sa Dubai if
you don’t your mother will die
in 3
days with horrible sickness. But if
you Do the person you have willlove
you forever

As I have commented as well, I really hate it if someone I know would be stupid enough to forward it to people. I don’t really blame them but aside from hating them just the same, I pity them. There would be lines such as “I love my mom, that’s why I am forwarding this” and some other explanation in defense of what they did. Such a waste of time.

In another note, there are also lots of spam letters, asking you to transact with them regarding a huge amount of wealth that someone left due to death. I know Sherliez posted some samples on her blog so I won’t post it anymore. Either way, there may be some people who would fall for it. One thing is for sure, I am not one of them.

I am not a US Citizen so I may not be able to answer all the questions accordingly. It may also not be applicable with what the current situation is for the US, and I may not be too familiar with the platforms presented by the candidates. What I do know is that the issues that need to be addressed is quite common with all nations. In case you guys would be reading this, please focus on the issues and not the candidates I chose. As I’ve said, I do not know the candidates, just the concerns.