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i got this from some people while browsing the forum. [url=http://the-rye.dreamhosters.com/users/paranoidandroid/bk/][img]http://the-rye.dreamhosters.com/users/paranoidandroid/bk/SH.gif[/img][/url]

As per Al, a lot of chain letters are roaming around. Not just on our individual email accounts but also through bulletin boards. Here is one example:

Date: Monday, 3 March, 2008 8:46 PM
Subject: Dubai Job Hiring
Message: Job hiring sa Dubai and because you
opened it, now you have to repost
this saying. Job Hiring sa Dubai if
you don’t your mother will die
in 3
days with horrible sickness. But if
you Do the person you have willlove
you forever

As I have commented as well, I really hate it if someone I know would be stupid enough to forward it to people. I don’t really blame them but aside from hating them just the same, I pity them. There would be lines such as “I love my mom, that’s why I am forwarding this” and some other explanation in defense of what they did. Such a waste of time.

In another note, there are also lots of spam letters, asking you to transact with them regarding a huge amount of wealth that someone left due to death. I know Sherliez posted some samples on her blog so I won’t post it anymore. Either way, there may be some people who would fall for it. One thing is for sure, I am not one of them.

I am not a US Citizen so I may not be able to answer all the questions accordingly. It may also not be applicable with what the current situation is for the US, and I may not be too familiar with the platforms presented by the candidates. What I do know is that the issues that need to be addressed is quite common with all nations. In case you guys would be reading this, please focus on the issues and not the candidates I chose. As I’ve said, I do not know the candidates, just the concerns.

7 weirdness in me

· I collect a lot of things even if they are totally useless. I have a huge collection of newspaper clippings of my favourite basketball team for just one season. I have a collection of paper dolls; both used and new; I collect bottles of cologne and perfume, same with chocolate and candy wrappers. My mom hates it, but hey, I like it.

· I feel as if all things are alive; I once accidentally dropped a teddy bear and I apologized from it!

· Internet access is now restricted from our work station and yet, I manage to get updated with friendster and with my blog. Don’t ask me how, I won’t tell.

· My left pinkie leans more to my ring finger than my other pinkie does to my left ring finger.

· I keep my things organized then I would totally put them in disarray. I like it to be that way.

· I enjoy seeing people make mistakes. I don’t laugh out loud. I just make it as a basis of being ok not to be perfect at all times.

· I would be sleepier doing work than doing something not much worthy of my time.

This is one weird thing that I may think is weird but not for others.I know I am weird though others may think I am normal. I think even my friends would think these weird things I posted may not be as weird as it may seem. As I think, maybe these are some of the things I consider weird at the moment. Like it as it is, this is me.

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To pass this on, I summon the following people to reveal their wholesome weirdness online.Take note of the word WHOLESOME. Ruthie | Aila | Daiji | Ella | Kewol | Al

This post came from Sherliez! To view her own weirdness, just click here.

I am currently interested in blogging. For some reasons, aside from the fact that I am not a writer by heart, I get tired doing the same thing everyday. For these matters alone, I could safely say that I am not the type of person who would take responsibility with something that requires “high maintenance” My officemates are into blogging. They make it a point that they write something about something, someone, some place. Anything. They post surveys, reviews, and of course, their everyday opinion about something.

One thing that got my attention is the fact that they are able to earn while writing. They get paid for doing reviews for websites that require the reviews. All I could see are the pros of the whole “blog” thing. To earn while writing is truly great. You don’t get to sweat because of physical exhaustion, you also get to choose the job you want to take (or at least, in my understanding, that is the case) J 
 Since the internet is quite the “in” thing for a few years now, many people rely on the hassle-free transactions and of course, the “one-click” away processes. There may be cons when you consider it, but it would still depend on you on how you look, think, and risk it. 

I just got Internet connection at home. All thanks to Globe Broadband. They had this promo wherein it would be free installation and i only get to pay a thousand pesos a month for a 1MB service. the commitment is for only a year and i could only hope i would not get any instance that would make me hate them.. 🙂

I have heard a lot of negative feedback from some customers that they get lags and disconnects with the service. i’m pretty sure that it would have improved by now. Then again, i could only hope. 🙂

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