I am a lot of things. I can be funny and serious. I can be rude and polite. I can be bitter and sweet. Name it, I can be it.

I love my life and I would not trade it with anyone else. I have a very loving fiancée, I have very loving pets, I have a very supportive family, and I have very trivial problems to deal with. Add up my loyal and trustworthy friends to the list. Indeed, my life is indeed worth living.

Sure I have problems, but hey! Who doesn’t?

I have lots of plans, collections, important belongings, and hobbies. Some of which I get to enjoy, some not that much. I just see to it that I am able to give attention to some of my stuff. I take pleasure in keeping trinkets not because I want to collect additional trash but because of the effort and the importance that the person who gave it to me. Be it a new found friend or someone that I knew for quite a while. It is really nice to think that someone would care enough to offer you a piece of candy, or chocolate, even though the person is doing it to keep face. It would still show you of their manners and their care that you might get offended if they did not offer you anything.

I don’t have a lot of ambition. As long as I am happy with what I am doing, as long as I am enjoying the company of the people I work with, then I will stay. As long as I fulfill the duties that I have as a daughter, that would be enough for me. As long as I feel contentment with what I have, experience things that I want to experience, go to places that I want to go, that is enough for me. No need for very big mansions, or island, or anything extravagant. Anything that would make me live comfortably is enough.

I might add something about me soon. For now, enjoy the site!


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