Last Friday, just before the typhoon Frank totally went to the Phillipines, my housemate friend forgot to close one of the many windows upstairs. I was not home during that time, i was currently on duty at work so whatever happened was not really clear to me.

That open window tempted my cat, Kuking to go climb the window and roam outside. Here is the thing, Kuking is not used to the outdoors, being our baby for a year. Another thing, we are also new in that subdivision.

Funny but, like all cats, she is not that friendly to people. In fact, she despises men (delivery men, that is) and the sounds of tricycles. Whenever she is scared, she just hides. No sound whatsover will be heard from her. I am getting worried because it has been 5 days since she left. With no food nor proper shelter, even a good bed and clean space to walk over. The hardest part is that she seemed to have disappeared without any traces. My other friend and I tried looking for her, calling her name while roaming the nearby streets to no avail. We did see some cats but then, they were not kuking and it would be hopeless for us to ask them one by one to check if they did see her. 🙂

Here I am, still waiting for her to return, her babies were left with us but then, it does not seem complete if she is not there. I am more than willing to look for her no matter what it takes.