The QA family went to Star City!

Ok, so it’s not the most exciting thing that could happen to someone. It’s just that when you are a QA staff, it is a very rare case that everyone will get to be together and enjoy the evening. Let alone enjoy it on a theme park.

We rode most of the rides that we could handle (we even went back for a second round.. hahaha..) and entered most of the horror simulations there were (remember bahay ng lagim, dungeon, and kilabot ng mummy?). Funny thing was, even if the rides are not all that scary, and the attractions are not that attractive, I almost had gas pains from laughing so hard. Maybe because I was just so happy and excited about going there (can you tell if it was my first time?) or it could be that we were all just there, forgetting about the work and enjoying ourselves. Either way, it was a fun night. Definitely worth telling everybody. 🙂