Patience is not one of my best assets. I mean, I have it, it works great when I deal with people, but when it comes to where I have to accomplish something for myself, I could say that it is kind of thin. Way back in college, if we have assignments and projects regarding programming, I really lose my patience. I get tired of thinking and I really find it hard to concentrate. Recently, I promised myself that I would try having more of what we call patience. I intend to learn things, accommodate more pleasing and positive thoughts that would make me feel motivated in accomplishing something. Stupid as it may sound, my programming skills are really rusty, considering that I never liked the subject, plus it has been more or less than 4 years since I graduated in college. I got interested in blogging, even though I knew that it would entail simple HTML codes. I signed up for paid advertising and I could not even install the PPP tool that they require. I know, I know. It really sounds pathetic.

Here is where I stand. My blog got approved, but I could not even get a simple code embedded on my page. I am now turning to my friends. HELP!!!