The whole QA family just moved to a bigger place!

From the old QA Room that we used, we are now on the new room, called the Synnex room. The old occupants moved to another building, thus giving the family more room to share amongst us. Previously, we were all like sardines and we always complain that it is hot (I am speaking truthfully, with approval of my other colleagues). We now have the option to decorate our stations accordingly and really own the place. 🙂

Another “new” at the office, we now have a new email address. It’s no longer, rather it is now Kind of crappy configuring the LDAP settings, but it sounds cooler than the previous domain. Probably, we would be getting our new IDs soon.

On another note, my nana was able to pass the Supportrix exam, making him one of the new account trainees. From what I’ve heard, it was some sort of a promotion when we talk about the technical know-how as well as the new salary. Imagine getting in-depth knowledge of everything about computers and networking, plus a good incentive. Even I am envious. 😦

Kidding aside, even with the changes I have mentioned, there is still one catch. I am still in trouble. We don’t have a lot to do, yet, I still have a lot of things to do. I admit that I am at fault, still, I know that I would be able to manage this. I just have to summon all I have and of course, have faith with my capabilities.