As per Al, a lot of chain letters are roaming around. Not just on our individual email accounts but also through bulletin boards. Here is one example:

Date: Monday, 3 March, 2008 8:46 PM
Subject: Dubai Job Hiring
Message: Job hiring sa Dubai and because you
opened it, now you have to repost
this saying. Job Hiring sa Dubai if
you don’t your mother will die
in 3
days with horrible sickness. But if
you Do the person you have willlove
you forever

As I have commented as well, I really hate it if someone I know would be stupid enough to forward it to people. I don’t really blame them but aside from hating them just the same, I pity them. There would be lines such as “I love my mom, that’s why I am forwarding this” and some other explanation in defense of what they did. Such a waste of time.

In another note, there are also lots of spam letters, asking you to transact with them regarding a huge amount of wealth that someone left due to death. I know Sherliez posted some samples on her blog so I won’t post it anymore. Either way, there may be some people who would fall for it. One thing is for sure, I am not one of them.