7 weirdness in me

· I collect a lot of things even if they are totally useless. I have a huge collection of newspaper clippings of my favourite basketball team for just one season. I have a collection of paper dolls; both used and new; I collect bottles of cologne and perfume, same with chocolate and candy wrappers. My mom hates it, but hey, I like it.

· I feel as if all things are alive; I once accidentally dropped a teddy bear and I apologized from it!

· Internet access is now restricted from our work station and yet, I manage to get updated with friendster and with my blog. Don’t ask me how, I won’t tell.

· My left pinkie leans more to my ring finger than my other pinkie does to my left ring finger.

· I keep my things organized then I would totally put them in disarray. I like it to be that way.

· I enjoy seeing people make mistakes. I don’t laugh out loud. I just make it as a basis of being ok not to be perfect at all times.

· I would be sleepier doing work than doing something not much worthy of my time.

This is one weird thing that I may think is weird but not for others.I know I am weird though others may think I am normal. I think even my friends would think these weird things I posted may not be as weird as it may seem. As I think, maybe these are some of the things I consider weird at the moment. Like it as it is, this is me.

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