It actually started yesterday. I got up at 2am to go to work. I was behind my schedule so I had to extend up to 4pm. Some of my friends arrived so I also had to cook dinner. We stayed up late, playing cards, catching up with each other’s life, and of course, we laughed a lot.

Though unintended, I got up earlier than what i should have done, we captured our video while we were doing the Hip Hop Abs. We were again laughing and doing this fitness thingie. It was a lot of fun. We were sweating from the work out. We ate ham and cheese omellete, cooked by jak and Fetuccini carbonara by jaimie. I also had to go out and buy my groceries, else, my cat would starve. I met up with MJ and his mom and we just strolled for an hour or two.

The day ended fine. I hope I would be able to remember to look for the paid ops they were talking about. I would need extra cash.